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The Pegasus Bridge NE of Caen. It was captured from the Germans and held by British glider troops early on D-Day in a daring operation.

A British tank on display near the bridge.

Arromanches, the site of the artificial harbor (Mulberry B) built by the British with sunken ships and concrete caissons built especially for this task. It enabled the Allies to supply the invasion forces without using an existing port. It was an innovative masterpiece of construction. Remnants are visible in the distance.

Another view at Arromanches.

The American Cemetery which overlooks Omaha Beach.

There are 9.387 American soldiers and airmen buried here.

Visiting the Cemetery is a moving experience.

Omaha Beach from the Cemetery.

Point du Hoc. The Germans had concrete fortifications on top, the Americans were in small boats in rough seas at the bottom with grappling hooks, ropes, ladders, and loads of courage.

"The symbol of the gallantry of the young American soldiers, ... Point du Hoc was taken by storm by American Rangers early on June 6, 1944" (D-Day).

The Memorial on top of the cliff just beyond the remnants of a German fortification.






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