Northern Europe Cruise on the Royal Princess


Jim & Judy Stubchaer's Northern Europe Cruise on the Royal Princess, Aug 28 - Sep 8, 2003

In August and September, 2003, we took a 12 day cruise on the Royal Princess. The ports visited were Southampton, Falmouth, Cobh, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Zeebrugge, and LeHavre. Three days were spent at sea, one of which was scenic cruising among the islands of northwest Scotland.
This web site is a photographic record of the cruise, with comments.

The cruise started at Southampton and proceeded clockwise following the yellow line on the map (which is based on Jim's GPS data points and course data posted on a bulletin board onboard the ship).

Click on a  Label  on the map to go to the page for that day of the cruise or click Southampton below to begin.

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All photos were taken with an Olympus C2040 digital camera at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels and standard quality. Single frames for this site were resized to a width of 400 pixels or less and saved for the web using Photoshop 6.0.  Panoramic views include two or more frames and were stitched together using Image Expert or Camedia Master.  Their widths do not exceed 600 pixels.