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The Port of Dublin from the moored ship. The trip from Cobh was smooth with calm seas.
This is a commercial harbor and it was not possible to walk anywhere.

Princess made a shuttle bus to downtown available for $4 each way, which was a good deal.
This is a view of Dublin traffic from the bus.

We walked through much of central Dublin. This is a bridge over the River Liffey. The pedestrians at the left are looking at the river.

The River Liffey from the preceding bridge. There was an combination Internet Cafe/Subway Sandwich Shop on the left bank.

An impressive 250 year old government building from the time when Ireland was part of England.

We walked through the University and came across rugby games. The weather was fine.

There were many people on the streets of Dublin. This view is on a pedestrian street with many shops, including a McDonalds.

Sailing into the glassy calm Irish Sea en route to Edinburgh.





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