NW Scotland
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The dawn's early light on the Island of Mull at
N5618' W 548'
The ship sailed in the narrow passage between the Scotland mainland and the island, which was quite scenic. This view is looking aft on the port side.

Looking at the mainland from our stateroom window on the starboard side.

A 3X teleview of an old castle on a promontory of the Island. The turbulent water is caused by the clash of currents, not wind. The Captain announced that the currents were strong and tricky.

Near the north end of the Island. The town of Tobermory is located on the sheltered cove at the left edge of the picture.

Our cabin was located on Deck "D", the Promenade Deck. It was essentially a sleeping space with a tub in the bathroom. There were no real seating accommodations. The International Lounge was on the deck below and we could clearly here the sound from the various activities there, including evening shows. We slept well despite the sound as we were rocked in the cradle of the deep.

The northerly most point of the British Isle mainland, N5840' W323'


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