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Westbound on the Firth of Forth in the early morning. Looking southerly. Edinburgh is on the far shore to the right.
The captain announced that the seals on the buoy are back in the Firth because the water has been cleaned up.

Looking west. The Firth of Forth bridges are barely visible in the distance.

Nearing the railway bridge, a cantilever structure. Beyond it is the 1960s suspension bridge for road traffic. Our ship's actual port was Rosyth, an isolated industrial port on the right bank just past the bridges.

When completed in 1890, the Firth of Forth Railway Bridge was the longest span in the world.  Today it is the second longest of its kind. Due to the tragic collapse of a previous bridge, it was heavily over-constructed. It is a noted feat of Victorian engineering.

Looking back at Edinburgh as we entered the Port of Rosyth. It was not possible to walk to anything of interest at this port. There was no shuttle available to Edinburgh, but tours, taxis, and taxi/train travel were options.

We took a sightseeing bus tour of Edinburgh. This is a view of an Edinburgh street from the bus.

Another street scene.

A street musician, seen at the lower left corner of the signal, is playing her violin

Judy's maiden name is Malcom. At a Scottish store she found this Malcolm plaid. We learned the Malcom clan motto is "I attempt the heights", which seems very appropriate given the mountaineering ventures of our family.

Looking east at the tour bus on the hill in the southern part of Edinburgh.

A panoramic view of Edinburgh looking NNE from the heights in the southerly part of the city.


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