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Cobh, Ireland, the morning of arrival.
Cobh was called Queensland under British rule.  The name reverted to the old Irish name in 1922.
There was some ship motion during the voyage from Falmouth, but it was severe.

Cobh is the port for the city of Cork.  The railroad station for the frequent trains to Cork is immediately adjacent to the dock (a fact which Princess did not mention in its cruise brochure).
Cobh was the port of embarkation for hundreds of thousands of Irish emigrants to America .

A view of the magnificent harbor from the side of the ship opposite the dock.

We walked into and "explored" Cobh.  We found it so attractive we did not go to Cork, which was the advertised port of call. Individual buildings are painted various colors, which helps differentiate them from their neighbors.

View from the waterfront park. Weather was perfect!

The memorial to the victims of the Lusitania, which was sunk by a German submarine in 1915 just a few miles from Cobh. The survivors were brought here.
Cobh (then Queensland) was also the last port of call of the Titanic

The fisherman's harbor at low tide. The Royal Princess is in the background.

Cobh, as we sailed away.

A view of the lighthouse at the east side of the harbor entrance as we sailed for Dublin.



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