December 14, 2008, Cruise by Cape Horn and December 15 Visit to Stanley, Falkland Islands
Google Earth image showing GPS track of the Star Princess (yellow)
The ship departed Ushuaia late in the evening bound for Cape Horn, which was rounded at 0900 the next morning.  The ship then continued overnight to Stanley, Falkland Islands.

Cape Horn from the East
Calm seas, as predicted by the U.S. Navy wave forecast.
We were somewhat disappointed, as we hoped for rougher weather to see what the early sailors experienced.

Cape Horn from the South


Albatross Monument and Lighthouse

Arriving by Tender at Stanley

Stanley was formerly known as Port Stanley

Ship's Tender

Visitor Center

The day started cold and windy, but soon the sun came out, the temperature climbed, and we had to take off the outer layers of clothing.

Cathedral and Whale Bone Arch
We walked around town.  Had an interesting conversation with a Falkland resident in the church about historical events here.

Residential Street
We found Stanley to be very English and pleasant.  Of course, we didn't experience the fierce weather it is known for.

Airport Road

View with Harbor in Background

Activist's Yard

Ross Road and Thatcher Drive
The monument celebrates the British victory in the 1982 war with Argentina.

From Stanley the ship sailed to Montevideo, Uruguay.

1982 Liberation Memorial