December 13, 2008, Visit to Ushuaia, Argentina, and the Tierra del Fuego National Park
Google Earth image showing the GPS tracks of the Star Princess (yellow) and the land tour (red).


Approaching Ushuaia
Because another cruise ship and an Argentinean submarine were docked at the pier, the Star Princess had to unexpectedly use tenders, for which advance arrangements had not been made.  After a lengthy delay, passengers finally got ashore.  Fortunately sunset was near 11 PM, so even tours which ended at 2 hours late at 9 PM still had daylight.

The southerly most city in the world.


A hulk with the Star Princess anchored in the distance

Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fires) National Park, Argentina

I took the "Drive to the End of the World" tour which included a visit to the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

River Flowing South from a Lake
This river flows into the Beagle Canal.  Eric paddled down it on a canoe excursion.

End of Canoe Excursion

Eric and Canoes

End of the Pan American Highway
The north end of the highway is Fairbanks, Alaska.  In Argentina it is Route #3.  It is not paved in the Park.

Post Office on a pier on the Beagle Canal
It was possible to get mail postmarked "End of the World".

Departing Ushuaia
Sailing east on the Beagle Canal en route to Stanley, Falkland Islands, with scenic cruising around Cape Horn.