Photo Log of the December 18, 2008, Visit to Montevideo, Uruguay
Google Earth image showing GPS track the tour of Montevideo (red)
Looking north.

We took the Princess City City Highlights Tour of Montevideo.  The guide was a tall blonde Danish woman who married a Uruguayan.  She moved to Uruguay in 2002.  She knew the local history and was an excellent guide.

The water offshore shown as dark blue should really be the same brownish color as the near shore water.


Main Downtown Plaza

Soldiers celebrating a patriotic holiday


Typical downtown street

Legislative Building

A magnificent structure with outstanding stone work.

Guarding the Constitution

Bronze statute commemorating pioneer settlers

Soccer Stadium
Soccer is very important in South America.  Locals here are still celebrating a World Cup victory over Brazil some 50 years ago.

Park on the Rio de la Plata honoring the Navy
It is really an estuary, not a river.  The brown water is typical of this water body.  It is quite shallow and we were told the bottom sediment stirred up by wave action from wind.

After the call at Montevideo the ship sailed overnight to Buenos Aires, Argentina, thru a narrow dredged channel.