Photo Log of the December xx, 2008, Visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina
Google Earth image showing GPS track of the bus trip and boat tour on the Parana River Delta.(red)

Vicinity Map 

Plaza in north Buenos Aires
The bus from the ship to the boat tour travelled thru the northern area of Buenos Aires.  It appeared quite prosperous.  We had a stop at a church near this plaza.

Excursion boat at Tigre, Argentina
The Parana River Delta has many channels.  There are summer/vacation homes on many of them.  Our tour visited parts of the Delta as shown on the GPS track above.


Rowing Club

Former Casino


Typical Delta Channel

General store and fuel station on a Delta island

There are no roads to houses on Delta islands.  All transportation is by boat.  The guide said it is possible to have pizza delivered by boat for a 15% premium.

Delta island house and dock

Buenos Aires Scene
From the bus returning to the ship.

Back on the Star Princess
Cruise ships calling at Buenos Aires dock at the container port.  It was a very tight fit for the Star Princess, which is 951 ft long.

After departing Buenos Aires the ship set sail for Rio.