December 22, 2008, Disembarkation and Tour of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Google Earth image showing GPS tracks of the Star Princess (yellow) and the land tour (red).
The ship was scheduled to arrive Rio around 0600, before sunrise.  Actually the ship arrived at 0945.  This was fortunate because we were able to see the approach to Rio in full daylight.

The flight back to Miami didn't leave until 2230, so we took an all day Princess from the ship as shown.  We arrived at GIG, the Rio International Airport, about 1900.






Below:  Approach to Rio de Janeiro
This panoramic image was created manually from two digital photos.




Rio de Janeiro Cruise Terminal

Street Scene
From the tour bus.


Shell Station
Note that both ethanol and gasoline are sold.
The tour guide said that Brazil is energy independent.

Brazilian Barbeque

Various types of meat were cut at the tables.

Ipanema Beach

Copacabana Beach


Cable Car to Sugarloaf
The ascent is in two stages.  This shows the 2nd stage.

On Top of Sugarloaf

From Sugarloaf
Looking West 

Christ the Redeemer
Telephoto from Sugarloaf.
Our tour was scheduled to visit this statue, but a recent storm had downed trees across the cog railway so it was closed.

From Sugarloaf
Looking north at downtown Rio..
The airport is for domestic flights only

Tour Guide and Bus
The tour ended at GIG, the Rio International Aiirport.