Photo Log of the September 5, 2007, Visit to Geiranger, Norway
Map showing GPS track of the Grand Princess (turquoise)
After an overnight passage from Bergen  the ship sailed 60 nm inland on the Storfjord to visit Hellesylt and Geiranger, Norway.  This was a very scenic fjord cruise.


Vicinity Map
Old Norse Farms
There were many old farms hanging on the steep slopes of the fjord. Hay grown on the green patches was stored to feed cattle in the winter.  Some are now weekend retreats for urban dwellers.
Water Fall
There are countless waterfalls into the fjord.  Much, if not most, of the flow is from glacier melt.

The small ship is a Norwegian ferry.

Sailing Easterly On the Fjord
A camping resort with cabins and RV spaces.

Geiranger, Norway

The ship is anchored at the end of the fjord, some 60 nm inland.  Geiranger has about 250 permanent residents.  The main business is tourism.  It is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Anchored at Geiranger
Passengers were taken ashore by tenders, which are the orange boats in the photo.
Ashore at Geiranger
We walked along the fjord on the road and an adjacent trail.

My maternal grandparents were born in the Alesund area.  They emigrated to America about 1880 and settled in Minnesota.  I can see how 160 acres of level land at no cost (for homesteading) would have been very attractive to farmers with an acre or two on this steep country.  And they were used to cold weather.

Sailing Westerly On the Fjord
Switchbacks on the road to Alesund.  Some tours from Geiranger went up this road to a vista point and a glacier.
Sailing Westerly On the Fjord
Another waterfall.  Note how narrow the fjord is.  Fortunately, with bow and stern thrusters the ship is very maneuverable.
Sailing Westerly On the Fjord
One passenger volunteered that until this visit he was convinced that Yosemite Valley was the most beautiful spot on Earth, but he had changed his mind.
  Sailing Westerly On the Fjord
Two Cold Travelers   
Sailing Back Into the Main Fjord At Dusk
Still about 39 nm inland. Unfortunately, it was dark both ways when we sailed by Alesund at the mouth of the fjord.

The next port is Torshavn, Faeroe Islands, two nights and a days sail away at 16+ kts.