Photo Log of the September 7, 2007, Visit to the Faeroe Islands
Map Showing GPS Track of Our Visit to Torshavn, Faeroe Islands
After a two night and one day passage at 16 kts from Geiranger the ship arrived at Torshavn, Faeroe Islands. Torshavn means Thor's Harbor. (Thor was the Norse god of thunder and war)  Faroe is an alternative spelling for Faeroe.
The inbound ship track is Red, outbound is Magenta, and the land tour is Blue.

                   Vicinity Map

Approach to Torshavn from the East
The ship anchored off Torshavn and passenger were tendered ashore.  It was rainy and cloudy.  We took a ship's tour to Kvivik, a old fishing village.
The Faeroes are thoroughly Scandinavian, with close ties to Denmark and historic ties to Norway. The islands appeared prosperous and more modern than we expected (really, we didn't know what to expect, and that's why we cruise, to learn more about the world)

A small fishing village 11 miles NW of Torshavn.
Note the extensive grass lands.  Sheep graze over most parts of the Faeroes.  They are used primarily for meat -- wool is secondary.

Old Boat Harbor At Kvivik
The guide said storm waves often come over the sea walls.
Fish and fish products are the main basis for the Faeroe economy.

Grass Roofs

Grass roofs of the parsonage for the minister of the Lutheran church, who is female.  

Modern Houses

Overview from the Tour Bus
The bus returned to Torshavn on a mountain road.  Because of the rain and clouds, scheduled photo stops were skipped.  This view shows an agricultural valley and the tip of a fjord.
Because of the cool temperatures and short season, potatoes and a few other root vegetables are the only crops other than grass.


Looking North At Fugloy Island from the Ship 
At 1820 the ship departed for Akureyri, Iceland.
This is a view of Fugloy Island, the northeast corner of the Faeroes, where the ship turned to a NW heading to Iceland.