Photo Log of the September 4, 2007, Visit to Bergen, Norway
Google Earth Image showing GPS Track of Our Visit to Bergen, Norway (turquoise)
After a two night and one day passage at 19 kts from Southampton the ship arrived at Bergen, Norway.  The first night the weather was quite stormy and the seas were rough.

                   Vicinity Map

Approach to Bergen from the North
The ship entered the Hjelte Fjord from the North Sea 25 nm north of Bergen and then sailed southerly to the port.
Bergen has rain 300 days/year.  September is the rainiest month, so we were pleasantly surprised by the sunny weather.

Christies Gate
The Cruise Terminal for large ships is at the industrial port, not convenient to downtown.  Free shuttle buses provided transportation to Christies Gate downtown.  From there we walked around the city and old harbor areas and rode the Floibanen.

Bergen Central Business District
This street is reserved for pedestrians.

The Old Inner Harbor

The open air market is visible at the end of the harbor.
The Floibanen (Funicular Railroad) is a the top center left of the photo.

Open Air Market
Nordic items, including sweaters, scarves, caps, souvenirs, etc, were for sale.  (I don't know what they do on rainy days.)

At the Top of the Floibanen
Very nice views, as may be seen. The Grand Princess is visible just left of center. Christies Gate is right of the pond with the fountain at lower left.

The Floibanen is a steeply inclined railroad with the cars pulled by cables.  There are hiking trails and a restaurant at the top.


Panoramic View Looking North Across the Old Harbor
At 1900 the ship departed for an overnight sail to the Stor Fjord near Alesund.