Photo Log of the March 24, 2008, Visit to Nagasaki by the M/S Statendam
Google Earth Images with GPS Tracks of the Approach and Departure at Nagasaki (turquoise)
After a 2 night and 1 day sail from Naha, Okinawa, the ship arrived at Nagasaki, Japan.
Nagasaki, of course, was the target for the 2nd and last atomic bomb dropped in WW2.

Docked at Nagasaki, Japan
The building has the Visitor's Bureau and a Money Exchange.  Daily tram passes are sold here.
Looking North from the Docked Ship
This view is towards the City Center and the atomic bomb impact area beyond.  I walked along the waterfront for about a mile and then rode a tram to Peace Park and back.
Waterfront View
Looking north.  A Japanese Coast Guard ship is at the left.   
Waterfront View
The restaurants on the right are getting ready to open.


Street View with Tram Tracks in the Median
As in many places visited on this cruise, traffic in Japan drives on the left. 
Modern Tram
Nagasaki has a street car system (trams) which is convenient and easy to use.  Not all the cars are this new, however.

Tram Interior
Quite a few ship passengers used the tram to travel to the Peace Park.  Fares are paid to the driver when exiting the tram.
Peace Park Sign

Peace Park is located at "ground zero", where the 2nd atomic bomb used in WW2 exploded some 1500 ft above the ground,

Peace Park Monument
Peace Park Monument

Toyota Dealership
Among other things, I am interested in cars.  On the way back to the ship I saw this Toyota dealership, which I visited.
Toyota Dealership
When I entered the showroom I was greeted at the door by a young lady who offered me tea or coffee from a tray.  When I asked if she spoke English, she shook her head and asked the saleslady in the photo to meet with me.  She had played basketball in Santa Barbara (where we live) on a Japanese girl's team which toured the USA.
The vehicle behind her is a hybrid minivan which isn't sold in the US.  She gave me several brochures which were in  Japanese, but some of the names were English and the specs were understandable.
Model Planes
I visited a five floor mall/department store to see the merchandise, prices, and people.  Displayed here are several WW2 fighter models, including several Japanese types, Spitfires, P-47s, and FW-190s.  Model cars are on the lower shelves.
Bookstore Computer Section
Not surprisingly, Microsoft is worldwide.  I was surprised to see Gateway computers on sale here.


Vending Machines
Vending machines dispense a great variety of items in Japan.  They seem to be located everywhere.  At the time of this visit the exchange rate was 100 Yen per U.S. Dollar, so the cost of cones in the center machine seemed reasonable.
Statendam Docked at Nagasaki

The ship departed at 6:40 PM en route to Kobe via the Inland Sea. (My two previous cruises from Nagasaki to Osaka (adjacent city to Kobe) were in the open ocean around the south and east coasts of Kyushu, so the winding route thru the scenic Inland Sea was a pleasant surprise.