December 12, 2008, Visit to Punta Arenas, Chile, and the Seno Otway Penguin Reserve
Google Earth image showing GPS track of the Star Princess (yellow) and the tour track (red).
Looking north.

In the morning we took a tour by bus to the Penguin Reserve.  After the tour we got off the bus in downtown Punt Arenas and did some exploring.  Eric then took a hiking tour on a ski slope in the afternoon, while I returned to the ship.


Punta Arenas
From the ship.  Because of its length, the ship could not dock here and tenders were used to transport passengers ashore.

Punta Arenas Plaza
In the heart of the city.

A female passenger was mugged near here.

Seno Otway (Otway Sound) Penguin Reserve
Nice day, but cold and very windy.  Because of the wind, there are very few trees in this section of Patagonia.

A Penguin People Watching


Seno Otway

Penguin Burrow

Waiting for a turn at a sheep carcass (after the hawks finish).

After Punta Arenas the ship sailed overnight to the Beagle Canal for scenic cruising en route to Ushuaia.